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How to motivate your customers if you are a Personal Trainer?

How to motivate your customers if you are a Personal Trainer?
  • By IsMyGym

It’s time to succeed as a personal trainer. Now? Why not? You will wonder how to achieve success, the solution is based on the motivation of your customers. As you know, motivation is essential so that laziness don't drag customers, stop playing sport and leave you.

Recommendations to motivate customers:

  • Monitoring your customers

As a personal trainer you should monitoring your clients' progress, including exercises, intensity, times, etc. This will allow you to remind them, when they need, where they were at the beginning of the process and how far they have come. They must know that it isn't easy and it takes time and effort.

  • Change the exercises often

It's important that the trainer to change the routine frequently since the body stabilizes if we repeat the same training for a long time. Thus the physical state of the client will improve and make the sessions not so boring. It will be enough even being the same routine, but adding difficulty to the exercises.

  • Challenges and goals 

Setting goals will make the idea of getting it not so vague and the customers will know how far you want to go and how. There must be both long-term and short-term goals, both of which must be affordable. As your customers achieve goals, their confidence will increase.

Having an app for personal trainers is surely a simple solution for your client’s motivation. If thanks to the app you facilitate daily tasks will be more than happy.
So you can have direct communication to remind them what their goals are and how they should continue to achieve them.

  • Your attitude

You don’t need to befriend your customers, but you have to be patient, kind and understanding. In the end what differentiates you from a gym is the deal with customers, having a more personal and close relationship.

It's also important to be positive and energetic as your attitude will be passed on to customers. If you are sad or depressed don't hesitate to transmit it to your customers.

  • Review and update the training

It’s important to check your customer’s tracking and see if they’re meeting their goals. This is necessary since at first they had goals and over time they have been able to change.

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