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The importance of music in sport

The importance of music in sport
  • By IsMyGym

Music: the art of combining sounds in a temporal sequence according to the laws of harmony, melody and the rhythm.

Music has a great importance because it allows human being, among other things, to express feelings. According to some research, it has physiological effects on heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rhythm and cognitive functions. In short, it affects our body and emotions positively and negatively.

Benefits of listening to music while exercising

Helps keep up

Music stimulates the motor cerebral cortex, which result is the activation of the body. The brain sends signals to move and be energetic, which can be synchronized with the exercise we are doing. In this way, we will be full of energy to assume the exercise to come.

The rhythm of the music you hear influences the movement and helps the resistance in the duration of the activity. Therefore, it changes depending on different aspects:

Type of activity:

Cycle, Yoga, Pilates, Body balance, Zumba…

Part of the session:

  • Warm-up: between 30-140 bpm. (beats per minute)
  • Training: between 140-155 bpm.
  • Back to calm: slow and relaxing music.

Beat is the basic unit of time. It’s a way that musicians count the notes being played to stay in synch with each other and is often associated with the pulse that listeners tend to feel in the music.

Music distracts

Music has the ability to make people escape and disconnect, in why it allows us to endure much more exercise.

When the brain is involved in this process, it is easy to ignore the physical impact that is having and goes unnoticed fatigue or pain.

Some studies have shown that people can perform up to 15% more than normal situation if they play sports listening to music.

Improves the mood

Physical activity combined with music floods our brain with serotonin, the hormone of happiness and well-being, so they give excellent results.

An exercise routine listening to a good playlist stand out among the best recommendations to combat depression, anxiety, stress.


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