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Why would your customers like to have an app for your sport center?

Why would your customers like to have an app for your sport center?
  • By IsMyGym

Possibly most of the time we focus on how to improve our fitness business from the perspective of manager or owner and leave behind the customer perspective. We must always keep in mind that getting a new customer costs 7 times more than maintaining one we already have, that is, it would be convenient to have customers present in every decision.

Therefore, one of the decisions most commented by articles that talk about sports business, is the importance of digitizing the user experience. When we talk about digtizing we mean how to facilitate the customer's procedures so as not to take up too much time. The most convenient and cost-effective solution would be to have an app for your gym.

Some of the benefits that an sport business management app provides, such as IsMyGym, are:

Book and cancel classes

It's very convenient for customers to book and cancel classes at any time. In addition, they can organize themselves to attend classes with their favourite trainers.

For those who have their fixed routine and know the schedule at which they can attend class can make use of automatic reservations. This way you don't have to manually book the same class every time, the app does.

Easy and fast payments

Nowadays, less cash is used while online payments are growing.

Customers find it very useful to automate monthly payments, so you won't have to be aware of when to pay.


Any customer appreciates being able to have all the information that is of interest updated. It's outrageous to know that a class has been suspended or that the center is closed upon arrival.

These situations can be avoided if communication is in real time through the app and push notifications you receive on your mobile.

Monitoring of developments

A source of motivation for customers is to record their results. They can make comparisons and analyse developments.

Thanks to IsMyGym app customers will be able to recors the repetitions and weights and the app itself will calculate the RM and their percentages.

Latest news

To continue motivating and encouraging sport, with the news section you can publish events that you organized, publicize sporting events that occur in your city or even promotions.

How to get an app to manage a gym?

IsMyGym offers 30 days Free so you can see and test the operation of the software. During this period we will help you to set up your center and solve all your doubts.

All without commitment or credit card. In addittion, one of the advantages once you hire this management softwareis that you can change rates from one to anothere whenever you need it and you don't have permanence.

In case you are interested...

IsMyGym is a software for the comprehensive management of sports centers and personal trainers. Among its functions are: payment of fees, purchase of bonuses, management of reservations/cancellations and waiting lists, loyalty system, communication groups, sports routines, nutrition and weight control, etc. And many more functionalities!
You just have to register your members, create a schedule with your activities and, now you can start working with IsMyGym! If you need more information don't hesitate to visit our website or fill in our contact form. In addition, you can register now and enjoy 30 days FREE.
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