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What is IsMyGym?

What is IsMyGym?
  • By IsMyGym

IsMyGym is a software to manage sports centers. It adapts to any business related to sport. Surely some of your customers have asked you any of the following questions:

Does the centre have its own app?

Do you have any social networks I can follow?

Can I check the schedules without going to the center?

If you’ve ever had to answer "No," you’re missing out on a daily basis on recruiting potential partners, and worse, there’s a chance your partners will switch schools and leave yours. Why?

  • Today we consume a lot of information through the internet. Many of your customers won't only want to do sports, they will also demand information and news about the fitness world.
  • We’re getting more connected. Having social media is essential not only to get a brand image but to make your customers feel they're part of a community.
  • Because if for any reason there is an impromptu and you have to change the schedule, you can notify it and in this way there will be no confusion or misunderstandings.
  • We take practically all day with the mobile in hand so customers will prefer to book/cancel classes from the phone itself. More effective and comfortable.

IsMyGym, the best fitness software, can solve many of your problems. In a short time you will have:

  • A personalized website for your center and optimized for its correct positioning in the main search engines.
  • A push notification system, so you can make sure your customers receive and read those notifications.
  • An app available for iOs and custom Android. From there members can perform functions from reservations/cancellations, check schedules, events, notifications, etc.

Why do IsMyGym?

  • We will help you to configure and adapt your center to the software through video calls, so we can also solve all your doubts.
  • We migrate your data.
  • There is no permanence and you can change rates at any time according to your needs.
In case you are interested...

IsMyGym is a software for the comprehensive management of sports centers and personal trainers. Among its functions are: payment of fees, purchase of bonuses, management of reservations/cancellations and waiting lists, loyalty system, communication groups, sports routines, nutrition and weight control, etc. And many more functionalities!
You just have to register your members, create a schedule with your activities and, now you can start working with IsMyGym! If you need more information don't hesitate to visit our website or fill in our contact form. In addition, you can register now and enjoy 30 days FREE.
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