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Digital marketing strategies for yoga studios

Digital marketing strategies for yoga studios
  • By IsMyGym

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has led many fitness businesses to migrate to the online environment, most of them continue to be onsite, which means that their services must be enjoyed in a specific physical location and cannot be accessible to people from other countries.

The digital strategies that are carried out in local yoga studios are quite different from those that another company that teaches online sessions can perform.

The particularity of its customers is that they are usually in a ratio of proximity quite close to the center, since the normal thing is that when someone goes to a sports center, you do not sign up for one that takes more than an hour to go, because it is not worth it.

Therefore, the digital marketing actions that are carried out in this case, are focused on a limited geographic range only and a specific audience. What actions are essential in these cases?


  • SEO positioning and Linkbuilding in yoga studios

When someone is interested in attending yoga classes and lives in the city center, how do you choose which establishment to go to?

First, surely ask your acquaintances if they know any nearby yoga center that offers the services you are looking for.

But, although that person recommend some center (which thanks to the recommendation already has competitive advantage) what the future customer surely do, is look at Google: "yoga studio in Seville", "yoga classes in the center", for example.

It’s there where your company comes into play by competing to be the first in the ranking of yoga centers that appear in the search, specifically on the first page of Google. How to get this? With SEO strategies and high in local directories like Google My Business.


  • Keywords based on the yoga studio's location

Keywords based on the location 

In the digital age we live in, I assume your business has a website. The web has to be focused on some keywords that refer to the location.

First you must perform a search by keywords in which you include the location of your yoga studio, for example: yoga classes in Seville, yoga studio in the center of Seville, yoga Seville...

The next thing will be to locate which words have more searches, this is key to attract your future customers to the web where they can meet you


  • SEM and local Facebook Ads campaigns

Your company’s search engine or social media campaigns should be focused on a specific location. It wouldn't be effective to conduct campaigns nationwide if your company is a face-to-face yoga study that doesn't teach online.

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