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Best brands for gym equipment

Best brands for gym equipment
  • By IsMyGym

Are you looking for a brand that provides good training material? The options of companies dedicated to sports or training equipment are many.

The healthy lifestyle is being incorporated into our lives gradually, this includes a correct rest, a good diet and exercise practice. If you're personal trainer, you must have quality materials to meet customers' expectations.

Here are some brands that provide material to equip your business:



This Spanish company, more than 20 years old, belongs to Thomas Wellness Group. Its main objective is to offer functionality, differentiation, innovation, quality and exceptional service. All its products have one year warranty and also ensures the durability of them, well years of experience show.

For the complete equipment of a gym or sports center, it also offers machinery.



Bodytone offers both fitness centre machines and basic equipment. The brand has known distributors such as El Corte Inglés, Media Markt, Sprinter or Worten, among others. If you're interested in knowing or trying the products before your purchase, you can reach your showroom.

In order to facilitate the customer’s process of purchasing material for its center, it has two very comfortable forms of financing.


Power Block

This company is born of a long journey of study and observation of the fitness world. It specializes in dumbbells, but not just any, its products are adjustable dumbbells.

They're designed so that with a dumbbell you can meet your needs of the moment and meet the objectives you want. You can have different weights with a single, this way you will save space because of its compact size you can place them in any corner.


Singular Wod

This supplier also offers both machines and material. Although it doesn't have as many years of experience as the previous ones it's the largest Spanish manufacturer and distributor and distribute throughout Europe.

They're committed to high quality and work hard on creating and installing materials so that their customers can optimize their business space to the fullest.


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